Quilting Information

Preparing your quilt for  machine quilting:

  • Gently press quilt top
  • Remove thread ends
  • Make sure that backing and batting are 3-4 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides
  • Backing must be joined and square


Continuous Quilting:

Also known as edge to edge quilting or all-over quilting.  This is where the pattern is sewn in rows across the width of the quilt close to each other.  Many patterns interlock with each other.  Prices are charged depending upon size of pattern, the larger the pattern, the lower the cost.



Custom Quilting:

This is where several different styles of quilting are required to complete the quilt including patterns that are made specifically  to fit blocks, borders, sashes etc.  Custom also includes stitch-in-the-ditch, cross hatching (squares/diamonds etc) echoing (1/4inch outlining) & free hand.   Some quilts can require several or all of the above styles of quilting. 

As of January 2014 I will take a select number of custom quilts for quilting.




For those who wish to hand quilting your quilt can be basted/tacked.  Rows of large stitches are placed vertically and horizontally down the quilt.


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